Beer, Wine, or Liquor?

Beer, Wine, or Liquor - Sober Rush

At Sober Rush, we spend a lot of time thinking about alcohol. We study its effects, perform clinical trials, and produce research papers. After all, that’s how we developed an all-natural tablet that eliminates alcohol’s toxins three times faster than your body can alone.

Here’s one thing we know: not all alcohol is created equal. From beer to bourbon, and margaritas to merlot, different types of alcohol can cause various reactions in the same people – and those differences can vary from person to person.

It’s time to get our facts straight, debunk some myths, and gain a better understanding of how multiple forms of alcohol impact hangovers.

A Quick Alcohol Lesson — Knowing What You’re Drinking

Beer: From Bottles to Draft

Although some higher gravity beers contain twice as much alcohol per volume, most beer contains approximately 5% alcohol per 12 oz. can, bottle, or glass. It’s typically easy to drink, but can be filling due to all that liquid. Although widely consumed, some people are sensitive to the hops, wheat, or barley used in brewing – especially if they’ve had more than a few.

Wine: Glasses, Boxes, Bags, and More

Wine used to be fairly straightforward, with bottles and glasses being the only real options. Now it’s available in cans, poured directly from bags, and sold in bottles small enough to carry discreetly. Regardless of the container, 5 fluid ounces of wine contains roughly 12% alcohol. High sugar content in some wines tends to increase their popularity, but those sweeteners can lead to unfortunate hangovers if you’re not careful.

Liquor: Shots, Mixed Drinks, etc.

Liquor seems like a gray area for many – even those who drink regularly. One point of confusion is that the amount of alcohol in a mixed drink can vary depending on how it’s made (or who pours it). Here’s the important number: a 1.5 oz. shot of liquor contains about 40% alcohol. Depending on whether or not a mixer is used, the liquor you’re drinking may not even be noticeable. In that case, it’s easy to drink more than you intend.

Debunking Three Common Alcohol Myths

“Alcohol affects men and women the same.”

Not true. We know from scientific studies that women produce less dehydrogenase, one of the enzymes responsible for breaking alcohol down in the stomach.

“Coffee will help you sober up.”

Coffee can be nice, but it has no effect on how drunk you may or may not be. The same can be said for cold showers. The only way to get rid of alcohol’s effects is through metabolization.

“Switching between drinks is what causes hangovers.”

We’ve probably all heard things like “beer before liquor, never been sicker,” but it’s just not true. The amount of alcohol you consume – and, ultimately, the amount of toxins in your body from the breakdown of that alcohol – is responsible for how you feel the next day.

How Sober Rush Can Help

Now that you have a better understanding of what you’re drinking, along with some of the science and confusion around it, it’s time to learn how Sober Rush is changing the game.

Crush Your Hangover Before it Even Happens

Sober Rush is an all-natural supplement that’s made from NADH – a coenzyme that allows your body to rapidly break down the toxins that cause hangovers. In fact, Sober Rush works three times faster than your body can on its own!

That means saying goodbye to hangovers, avoiding liver damage, and feeling great – even after a night out with friends.

Order your first box today. You’re going to love the way you feel.

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