Festival Season Must-Haves

Festival Season Must Haves - Sober Rush

It’s festival season, and that can only mean one thing: sunshine, music, good vibes, and drinks with friends.

Okay – that was four things, but you get the idea. Festival season is upon us, and no matter where you’re headed – from Governors Ball to Bonaroo – there are a few must-haves that are guaranteed to maximize your experience.

A Portable Phone Charger

Between pictures, videos, and posting on Instagram, you’ll be flipping your phone into low-power mode before your favorite band even takes the stage. Sure, most festivals have charging stations, but you don’t want to miss the action stuck at one of those. Drop a portable charger in your backpack and you won’t have to worry about your phone dying.


Yes…it might seem annoying to reapply sunscreen every few hours, but do you know what’s worse? Waking up on the second day of the festival too sunburned to move. Don’t let it happen to you. From lotions to roll-on sticks, sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to make sure you enjoy the entire festival – not just the first day.

Your Reusable Water Bottle

Don’t have a reusable water bottle? Now’s the time to pick one up – ideally one that’s at least 32 oz (approximately one liter). Even on a cloudy day, being outdoors, dancing, and walking around the festival grounds will dehydrate you. Being intentional about drinking plenty of water will be so much easier when you have your own bottle. Plus, less plastic means a cleaner planet. You’re doing your part!

A Waterproof Rain Jacket or Poncho

At a festival, the only time too much water is a bad thing is when it’s falling from the sky. The summer months are primetime for middle-of-the-day showers that pour one moment and turn back to sunshine the next. Spending all day in wet clothes is a terrible way to experience the festival, so bring a waterproof rain jacket or poncho. Keep your clothes (and your phone!) dry.

Sober Rush

For a lot of us, festival season and drinking go hand-in-hand. A festival weekend is your chance to kick back, spend time with your friends, and share some drinks. As bad as sunburn is, nothing is worse than waking up with a hangover. With Sober Rush, you won’t have to. It’s clinically proven to eliminate the toxins that cause hangovers, which means you can drink and wake up feeling like you never did. How amazing is that?

Festival Season Must-Have Wrap-Up

To make the most of this festival season, don’t forget these must-haves. Each one is recommended to make sure the good times keep going. During festival season, the party doesn’t stop, and neither should you!

That’s why we created Sober Rush – to keep you going even after a day of drinking. For a limited time, you can get two boxes for the price of one! No matter where you’re headed this summer, take Sober Rush with you and leave hangovers at home.

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